Increase Your Property Value with Landscaping
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If you don't consider landscaping a long-term investment, you probably should. According to the Appraisal Institute, good landscaping makes a great impression on would-be buyers, and helps to sell a property quicker than a comparable home with lackluster landscaping. Desirable gardens―ones that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal―can even raise the value of your home by seven to 15 percent.

Take Care of the Practicalities
While your landscaping needs to look good, it also needs to be functional. Before designing a scheme, check that you have an accessible area to park the car and store the trash cans. Trash bins can be tucked away down the side of the house, or hidden by a low camouflage gate or privacy screen.

Consider Your Market
Renovations work best when you start at the end: for sellers, that means figuring out who is most likely to purchase your house. Every demographic has different wants and needs. Families with kids need space for the kids to play: think tough, low maintenance play areas, swathes of lawn and a patio seating area to enjoy outdoor meals. Check these boxes and you add instant buyer appeal. 

Deal with the Basics
Plants grow, and you need to keep that growth in check. First, clear away any obvious overgrowth, such as trees blocking the windows or weeds growing up through block paving. Second, remove any dying plants and replace with new ones. Third, trim the shrubbery, dig up weeds and mow the lawn. If this sounds like a lot of work, hire a professional landscaper to revive your plot. He can tell you which projects will yield the greatest return on investment, too.

Keep Planting Simple
The trick is to make your garden look attractive but low-maintenance: buyers need to see themselves enjoying the garden, not being a slave to it. Begin by filling up any obvious empty spaces with easy-care shrubbery. Hardy evergreens are ideal, as they add color any time of the year but require little pruning. Landscaping preferences are subjective, so stick to plants, flowers and shrubs that appeal to most home buyers. Place a layer of mulch over the top to keep weeds down while you sell. For maximum curb appeal, keep the design contemporary and in line with neighboring properties.

Add the Wow Factor
Decorative lighting, screens, elegant patio furniture, barbecues, fire pits and outdoor kitchens turn your functional garden into an inviting outdoor living space, so don't skimp on the extras. A few well-placed luxury items sell potential buyers a lifestyle, and you can always take them with you when you move.

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