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Tips to Beat Holiday Stress

Courtesy of Any Presentations


During the holiday season it's common for many people to be overwhelmed by stress. If this time of year is more likely to get you down, you're a good candidate for these stress-relieving holiday tips.

Lower Expectations
Everyone has high expectations around the holidays. Gift lists, family gatherings, school programs—it's a lot to cram in an already full schedule. Admittedly, the most difficult expectations to overcome are your own. If you're caught up in creating the perfect holiday, or overwhelmed because of the super-human effort it takes to do it all, maybe a change in attitude is in order. Or, a change in shopping habits. Try browsing online, then shop the late hours when stores are less crowded.

Eat Healthy Snacks
Don't skip meals and become so hungry you wolf down every sugary, fat-laden treat. Recent studies show that eating high saturated fatty foods while stressed makes the fats more damaging to your body, and can contribute to major illnesses like type 2 diabetes. Stock your kitchen with foods proven to bring stress levels down: oranges, avocados, walnuts, and even dark chocolate.

No to Fluff, Yes to Making Memories
It's okay to trim things down to stay on budget, and to maintain your sanity, but preserve the important stuff, like family traditions. Maybe you don't get your kid absolutely everything on her list (the fluff), but if she absolutely loves decorating sugar cookies, make time to bake and decorate those cookies!

Prescription: Sleep
Just before bed, make a list of everything you still need to accomplish, or you won't be able to think of anything else as soon as you turn off the light. Is insomnia adding to your stress? Try drinking eight ounces of tart cherry juice several hours before bedtime, studies show the melatonin in tart cherry juice can help you to sleep better.

Holiday gatherings can be major events, and a little stress is unavoidable. Mind those healthy habits, strategize shopping plans, and let the kids have their most wonderful time of the year. Make it your aim to enjoy yourself!