The real estate market not only varies every year, but also from month to month. There are a few misconceptions about listing a home during various months. The following is information on why sell homes in NY during the holidays.

< h2>Inventory & Competition< p>Less listings are on the market during the the holidays. Buyers still need to locate a property and move during the start of the upcoming year, so the holidays are when they need to make an offer. Being one of the few homes available may give you an advantage.


< h2>Motivated Buyers< p>A previous study by discovered that 79% of buyers searching during the holidays were more serious. 61% felt that lower competition for properties to be an advantage. Additionally, potential buyers have additional time to see homes for sale during the holidays. People who are relocating also frequently use the days off work to explore a real estate search. Thus, it is possible to see homes going under agreement around Christmas or Thanksgiving.


< h2>Why Sell Homes In NY During The Holidays< p>If you are not sure about selling your real estate during the holidays, evaluate the chances you might be forgoing from home buyers who truly need to locate a property and are viewing homes for sale. Sometimes it is better to be one of few listings than to be one of many. There can be a pricing and negotiating benefit when negotiating with parties who need a home and have few homes to choose from. Buyers look for homes during every season, but the supply and number of buyers will change and impact home prices.


< p>This information on why sell homes in NY during the holidays was compiled by Jo-Ann Reilly at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Contact Jo-Ann at 914-582-6467 or for advice on placing your property for sale.